Doctor Bass, Inc. has operated a boutique recording studio tech business in Los Angeles, CA since 2005.  We are located in the Glassell Park area of town, very convenient to Downtown LA, Silverlake, Echo Park, Glendale, Burbank, and the amazing artist magnet that is Highland Park.  We travel to all parts of the LA Metro area to service studios large and small.  We strive to provide a new type of studio tech experience, free from the "old curmudgeon" syndrome so many of our clients lament about former techs.  Honesty, integrity, experience, and quick return of client calls are the pillars of our business. 

Our Story

Matt DelVecchio, founder and lead tech, attended the Music Engineering program at the University of Miami.  There he began honing the great art of "taking stuff apart and trying to put it back together."  Originally focused on becoming a proper recording engineer, his path took a fork into the world of repair tech when the Miami facility needed someone fill the job.  Seeing that nobody else was willing to do it, he stepped up.  After less than a year of work, he was forced into the fire of analog tape alignment by the great Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, etc) who was giving a recording master class at Miami. He asked Matt to not only be his assistant, but get the 24 track Sony APR24 and 2 track APR5000 machines ready for his session.  Since they had never been seen ON since his time at Miami, he had no choice but to fire them up and open the manuals.  The session was a success, and the sound of tape had enamored him.  The rest, as they say, is history...

Leaving Miami directly after graduation, Matt headed to Los Angeles.  He cut his teeth as a runner and junior tech at Music Grinder Studios in Hollywood (RIP).  There he learned how to operate SSL 6000 and 4000 consoles, as well as a sad and awful Neve 8108.  At that time he also helped with the refurb of the 6k, and installation of the 100 input 4k.  

A phone call from a fellow Miami grad brought Matt to the full time night tech job at the Enterprise Studios in Burbank (RIP).  This was a great gig and excellent learning experience.  SSL 9000, 8000, Avant, Neve Capricorn, Studer A820, and Ampex ATR102's were all there and all needed service.  Under the guidance of the fantastic tech staff,  Matt learned much about servicing equipment in the 2nd largest music studio in LA.  In addition, the Audio Affects rental company was part of Enterprise, so much of that rental gear was serviced at one time or another in the shop.  Many 3am calls were fielded, clients prevented from storming out, and massive 15" TAD woofers replaced after being blown... sometimes multiple times in the same day!  After a few years, Matt rose through the ranks until he was the last, and de facto chief tech of the facility.  Soon thereafter, the studio closed and by force, Doctor Bass was born.  

Since that time, Matt has designed and installed quite a few studios, serviced countless consoles and tape machines, worked at a several facilities as their main call tech, and has even been contracted by Apogee Electronics to repair their converters... all by word of mouth advertising (up until launching this very website).  Now Doctor Bass is taking on restoration projects, custom modifying vintage outboard equipment, and even designing bespoke mixing consoles!  Much has changed but many things have stayed the same.  Our work ethic is excellent, our clients are taken care of, and we do the job right.  If you want great work without a grand attitude, give us a call.